Is ROLFING for you?

ROLFING is for people of all ages, it is for those who:

  • don’t feel balanced and are experiencing chronic tension
  • are exposed to unilateral stress at work (dentists, IT experts, managers)
  • want to develop their movement potential and body perception (athletes, dancers, actors, singers, yoga instructors, musicians etc.)
  • want to live a healthier life and improve its quality

ROLFING  helps you also with:

  • chronic headache
  • chronic back pain
  • muscle tension
  • emotional stress
  • stiff neck
  • frozen shoulder
  • painful knee
  • tennis elbow
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • insomnia
  • various post-traumatic conditions
  • whiplash
  • inefficient body alignment
  • stiff body from long hours at PC
  • limited mobility

introduction of Rolfing (EN)