Who is your ROLFER?

Mgr. art. Juraj Korec, ArtD. graduated from The Academy of Performing Arts  in Bratislava. After obtaining his master’s degree in Pedagogy of modern dance (2002) he worked as a performer, choreographer and dance teacher in many European dance theaters. Throughout his artistic carrier he received many international awards. By completing the certified program of ROLFING® method provided by European Rolfing Association e.V. in Munich, he became the first certified rolfer™ in Slovakia. In 2013-2014 he studied movement with French somatic expert Hubert Godard. Furthermore, Juraj Korec is continuously studying visceral and neural manipulation, new somatic approaches and is making his doctorate about A Dance Performance at The Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava.

„An intensive work with my own body in dance and daily yoga practice made me interested in the field of body works and movement therapies. My dance profession brought me many injuries and situations when I needed to see a doctor. Rolfing has changed my life. Rolfing helped me to re-discover a healthy body again. It allowed my body to heal, it eliminated my chronic pains caused by unilateral strain and markedly developed my physical, psychological and emotional capacity. This unique experience lead me to Rolfing studies.”

Certified Rolfer™ is a therapist who is trained to understand the relationships between the muscles, connective tissue and bones in the concept of the whole body structure in interaction with gravity. The depth and scope of the Rolfing Certification Program assures clients that a Rolfer is a well-trained professional who has the necessary knowledge, sensitivity and skills to respond to the clients’ needs.